Let the outdoor adventure begin

At Flying High Outdoor Nursery, we develop valuable and enduring life-skills whilst enjoying fun and knowledge broadening experiences in an outdoor environment.

Find out About Us

Our philosophy is simple

Children learn much more in a nurturing and inclusive environment where they feel comfortable and in control. It’s a passion that drives us every single day!

Our Ethos is unique

The ethos at Flying High Outdoor Nursery is strongly influenced by our own passion and informed by the best practices from three of the most highly acclaimed approaches Forest School, the Curiosity Approach, and In the Moment Planning

Maximising potential

We focus on maximising the unique potential of the natural character of each individual child. Our approach allows this to be achieved for every child in our care.

Our Curriculum

Flying High Outdoor Nursery offers an everchanging, interesting and enabling environment which allows students the freedom to discover their own passions and create limitless learning opportunities.

We intend our children to be confident, resilient learners who:

  • Can resolve conflict reasonably and rationally
  • Can communicate their opinions, beliefs and emotions and accept others may think differently
  • Believe in themselves and their abilities
  • Can recognise risks and understand how to manage them appropriately
  • Understand the importance of looking after ourselves, each other and the environment
  • Enjoy reading a variety of print including stories and factual texts
  • Work together as a team, share ideas and solve problems
  • Know how to keep themselves healthy through diet, exercise and oral hygiene

​We implement this by:

  • Allowing children the freedom to explore and guide their own learning
  • Stepping back and observing the children at play, recognising when we adults are needed to scaffold learning and respecting when we would hinder development
  • Providing provocations and posing questions to inspire and motivate
  • Offering real life experiences and resources
  • Creating a flexible, enabling environment where children can take well managed risks
  • Developing the environment to close any gaps in understanding
  • Recognising when children need additional support, provide interventions and engage with external agencies where appropriate

​We monitor the impact of this learning by:


  • Tracking children’s progress at least termly using Babys Days
  • Talking to parents about their child’s progress and any concerns they/we may have