Our Home Education Offer

Our Offer to Home Educated Children

All children at Flying High are treated as individuals. Everyone is treated fairly and uniquely based on their personal level of development, regardless of age, ability, or additional needs.

We recognise everyone learns at their own rate and our In the Moment Planning approach allows us to support progress within all children by creating Individual learning plans (ILPs) and personalised next steps.

We offer full access to our curriculum to everyone and assist children to reach the mile stones within the Early Years Foundation Stage. Where there are delays, we have a fully trained Special Educational Needs Coordinator within the team to offer in house assessments and referrals to external agencies. We work alongside these specialist agencies to ensure our staff are fully trained and understand how to help these children progress.

We have a strong focus on Language, Physical and Personal Social and Emotional Development and resilience at Flying High, this follows through into our home education offer.

Where home educated children have additional needs and/or development delays, we continue to help them build their foundations within the EYFS Framework with a therapeutic approach.

As children complete the EYFS and Early Learning Goals, we move to a Forest School approach of assessing progress holistically, based on their level of engagement within the setting.

Although home educated parents are entirely responsible for their child’s learning and development, we work closely with families to pinpoint areas of focus. Personal, social and emotional development (PSED) takes priority and the holistic learning opportunities within our enabling environment are endless, challenging and ever changing.

The broad age range of children within the same space provides even more learning opportunities for all. The smaller children look up to the bigger and learn from their example, equally, the older children learn empathy, sympathy, kindness, patience and so much more from the younger.

We make reasonable adjustments to our setting and practices to ensure our setting suits the child.

No child is expected to “fit in” with us, rather the setting should fit them.

We work with parents to decide if our offer is suitable for their child and work out what changes or training need to be undertaken to ensure every child is able to access everything we offer.